Speakers – 2017


All sessions at the Health Sciences Learning Center, 750 Highland Ave.

Willy Lee (Keynote speaker) is the IT Operations Manager at the Institute for Social Research and Data Innovation, University of Minnesota. Willy is a self proclaimed accidental technologist. Swept up in the web’s infancy, Willy made table based layouts before we knew it was bad and started devops-ing before devops was a word. He loves Agile software development and hates those that profess that there is only one true way.

Jason Erdmann is a UW-Madison alumni who has been working as an IT Consultant for the School of Education since 2000. In his current role for the School of Education, he works with departments and users on IT Projects, hardware and software support, networking, and security. He is also active on the campus level as co-chair of the Policy Planning Team, co-chair of Leadership Improvisation, member of the Campus Technical Issues Group, and member of the IT Professionals Group.

Eric Giefer is CIO of the Law School. Over his career he’s done both programming of web application and server administration. He has been engaged with campus cyber security since the early 2000s.

Mike Crawford has supervised students for over 23 years. During that time, he has worked for University Housing for over 16 years and five of those years have been overseeing user support operations for Technology Services in Housing. While he has a passion for technology, his background is in student affairs. Over the past five years, Technology Services has dramatically improved its customer service experience to our users and this change can be contributed to how they hire and train their student staff. Like many organizations on campus, Technology Services would not function without our student staff and Technology Services strives to create a work environment that is positive, educational, and focuses on professional development.

Christina Koch is a research computing facilitator in the Center for High Throughput Computing (CHTC) at UW Madison. She has an academic background in mathematics and diverse experiences in computing, education, and online collaboration, including teaching software and data skills workshops with international non-profits Software and Data Carpentry. As a facilitator with CHTC, she works with researchers to expand and then transform their work using the power of large-scale computing. One of her favorite facilitation activities is teaching, especially applying effective communication and educational methods to convey complex technical topics.

Brian Hill is a software developer at DoIT/ADI in the Integrated Applications unit, and member of DoIT’s DevOps Team.

A graduate of UW-Madison’s Computer Science department, Matt Blasinski has worked on DoIT’s Messaging Team for over 15 years and built a variety of tools to assist in provisioning and management of the messaging systems offered by DoIT. Currently, Matt is working on replacing many of these tools with containerized versions so that they are more portable and reliable.

Joshua Zimmerman has worked for the University of Wisconsin – Madison Libraries for the past decade, playing a variety of roles ranging from helpdesk support, web developer, and Windows systems administration. For the past five and a half years, Joshua has been part of a team of administrators architecting and maintaining an ever-growing Linux server environment for applications both developed in house and procured from vendors. In his spare time, Joshua co-organizes the Madison DevOps meetup and devopsdays Madison.

Scott Nolin is the head of the Technical Computing Group at the University of Wisconsin Space Science and Engineering Center. Scott has been with the SSEC Technical Computing Group since joining the Center in 1997, and has led the group since 2001.

Steve Barnet has been working at UW for over 20 years. During that time, he has worked in research centers and academic departments in a variety of technical and managerial roles. He is currently working at WIPAC (the research center operating the IceCube project) where he works on security, storage, infrastructure and anything else that comes his way

Michael Adas is a service infrastructure specialist for MyUW, www.wisc.edu and other fine systems.

Bruce Riley
Procurement Specialist – IT Software/Services
Purchasing Services

Todd Pooler
Sr Procurement Specialist – IT Hardware
Purchasing Services

Kolleen Apelgren
IS Bus Auto Sr – Licensing Specialist
Division of Information Technology

Siggi Eckhardt
Sr IS Specialist
Risk Management and Compliance Lead
Office of Cybersecurity

Tom Jordan is the team lead for DoIT’s Middleware Group, and has been engaged in IAM design and architecture for UW Madison and UW System. Tom also leads the UW System IAM Technical Advisory Group and participates in architecture and design for Internet2’s TIER initiative.

Jon Miner is the technical lead for DoIT’s Middleware Group. Jon has led the design and implementation of much of the IAM infrastructure in use by UW Madison and UW System. Jon also provides technical expertise and guidance to Internet2’s TIER efforts.

Charlie Calderón is the Service Team Lead for UW-Madison’s Access Management Service. As Service Team Lead, Charlie is instrumental in guiding the direction of access management services on campus. Prior to that, Charlie was deeply involved in IAM operational support and has wealth of experience in this area.

Jim Helwig is the MyUW Lead Strategist, working with partners on identifying projects or initiatives that can benefit by integration with MyUW to help users work smarter, faster, and safer. He looks for collaboration opportunities across campus, throughout the UW System, and with colleagues around the world. He has worked as a software developer, project manager, and team lead for the MyUW team and now focuses on strategy and outreach. Jim is active in open source within higher education, primarily with the uPortal project and Apereo foundation where he currently serves on the board of directors. He has a Masters in Computer Science and worked in private industry before joining UW-Madison in 2001. Interests and/or expertise include open source software, agile Scrum development, design sprints, enterprise application integration, and consensus building.

Sara Nagreen has been working at UW-Madison since 1998. She’s worked her way up from a lowly Associate IPC to a Senior IPC, and now is the IT Manager of the Math Department. She has had to hire several positions during her time here, and has been developing what she thinks is important when hiring new IT employees.

Amanda Thornton has spent the past 15 years at UW-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center writing administrative systems and project management applications. Before that she toiled away in the Lake Erie salt mines.

David M Sibley is a new addition to DoIT’s MyUW Service Team. He spent the last 7 years as a Full Stack Developer with the US Geological Survey.

Ella Tschopik is the Computer Lab Consultant with the School of Education. She manages both Mac and PC labs as well as iOS devices. Ella grew up in Madison and attended Alverno College in Milwaukee, where she worked in their Campus Computer Center all four years. Ella is interested in all things tech, has a passion for podcasts and is the mother of a very spirited 6 year old daughter, who occasionally helps her with lab updates.

Phil Jochimsen has worked at the University for the past 12 years in various capacities dealing with web servers and web technologies. He is currently leads the Software and Load Testing (SALT) Team at DoIT which provides testing services, tools, and education.

Scott Nolin is the head of the Technical Computing Group at the University of Wisconsin Space Science and Engineering Center. Scott has been with the SSEC Technical Computing Group since joining the Center in 1997, and has led the group since 2001.

Alex Davis is a Computer Science student graduating in the Fall. He started working on DoIT – Departmental Support’s Endpoint Management team in 2014 as a student employee, but has been working full-time for the last year. The bulk of his IT experience is with imaging systems and computer management through IBM BigFix.

Sean Griffin has an extensive history with University IT. He started in 2002 as a student working in the old Union South and has been around to witness many changes in the ways computers are imaged and managed. For the past 2 years he has been working for DoIT – Departmental Support supporting their imaging service along with the various other tools and services offered by the Endpoint Management team.

Gary De Clute has worked at UW-Madison for 32 years, and been the IT policy consultant at UW-Madison for 14 years. Prior to that he worked on instructional computing, research support, robotics, systems programming, system administration, software engineering, marketing, LAN management, Help Desk second level microcomputer support, Help Desk management, retail consulting, and strategic consulting.

Sue Weier is a Systems and Security Analyst for L&S Learning Support Services.  Since 2011, security has been a large part of her job responsibilities. She has a degree in Library and Information Studies and just received her Security Professional certification.

Charlie Maurice is a Windows Administrator with the Social Science Computing Cooperative. He runs the campus System Center Configuration Manager user group, and is involved with a number of campus projects. Some will recognize him as the guy who always says “Don’t use the LTSB!” on techpartners. In his spare time, he enjoys pinball, fishing and restoring his 1975 corvette.

Allen Monette has worked in various IT jobs at UW since 1998. He currently works in the Office of Cybersecurity where he writes vulnerability announcements, performs forensic analysis, and investigates incidents.

Russell Dimond is the Associate Director of the Social Science Computing Cooperative (SSCC) and manager of SSCC’s User Services group. He received a Master’s degree in Economics from UW-Madison before joining SSCC as a statistical consultant, where he consults with researchers on data preparation and analysis. He also teaches workshops on statistical software and is the editor and primary author of SSCC’s Statistical Computing Knowledge Base.

Andrew Arnold is the director of the Social Science Computing Cooperative at UW-Madison.  SSCC’s primary mission is supporting both current and future researchers who use statistical analysis in their work.

Ryan Horrisberger is a Certified Information Security Professional working in IT security, software development, and project management for the Social Science Computing Cooperative at UW-Madison. He’s passionate about public speaking, leadership development, and running using those weird finger-toe shoes.

Jeremy Foley (CEH, eCPPT, eWPT) has been working at University Health Services in a System and Security Admin role for the past 12 years. His primary interest is learning the latest offensive and defensive techniques. He is always learning and never afraid of new technology.

Eric White is the IT Director of the UW Survey Center. He manages a team of IT professionals who build tools and systems to facilitate high-quality social science data collection. Together they are responsible for the security and maintenance of the center’s computing infrastructure and the data it stores. Eric enjoys working with the broader campus community, using campus-sponsored solutions when possible and augmenting those solutions with others when necessary.

Abrianna Barca is the current supervisor of the Level One and Level Two DoIT Help Desk. Her past experiences were teaching clinicians and physicians as a trainer for Epic Systems, and prior to that, working with student employees in Campus and Visitor Relations.

Sean Bossinger is an assistant director with User Services, currently managing the DoIT Help Desk. His past experiences include serving as Help Desk Manager at Florida International University, working as a Novell Certified Netware Engineer for a major health system in Miami, Florida; and leading the customer support and software quality assurance team at a financial software services firm.

Ian Sadkovich and Davis Bittner are System Administrators with Computer-Aided Engineering.

Brian Deith completed his degree at UW – Madison way back in the 80’s. He worked the School of Journalism and Mass Communication as computer wrangler for several years. He then moved over to L&S Learning Support Services where he acts as a linux system administrator, programmer (PHP, javascript/jquery, objective-c, cappuccino, and even perl now and then), and general technology gadfly.

Tim Vertein is a software engineer that’s been with the University for four years.  An alumni of the University of Wisconsin – Madison, he’s glad to be back on campus.  He’s the Lead Developer and Scrum Master of the MyUW team.

David Parter is the IT Director at the Computer Sciences Department. He has been active in several campus IT teams, including co-chairing UW-MIST (the UW-Madison Information Security Team), and serving on the IT Policy Planning Team. David if also a hockey referee and player, and a private pilot.

Laura Grady is a Senior Marketing Specialist at the UW–Madison Division of Information Technology (DoIT). She has more than 18 years of experience in strategic planning, creating successful marketing campaigns, developing promotional materials for both digital and print, managing projects, and writing. More recently, she has been focusing on leadership initiatives, content strategy and user experience. She is passionate about developing leadership skills in herself and others, as well as cultivating relationships among IT staff on campus. Outside of work, she enjoys the great outdoors with her family and friends. Laura holds bachelors’ degrees from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.

Will May is the IT Support Manager for HC White IT, handling IT support for 10 academic units. He been in this position since 2012 and at HC White IT since 2008. While security is not primary mission of his current job, he does a fair amount of work in that area implementing a preventive health approach to IT security.

Michelle Craft is the Research IT Coordinator for the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. She has over 15 years of experience with IT within the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Nick Weaver is a senior web developer in University Marketing and has been developing and designing websites and web applications on campus since 1997.

Jeff Ballard has been on campus a long time, and has had many different roles.  Currently he has been working as an Academic Staff for the Computer-Aided Engineering center in the College of Engineering.  Also he decided to go to graduate school, where he is now a PhD dissertator in Computer Science.  In the past he has been an undergraduate student, a student athlete, worked as Academic Staff on the Condor project, and has served on countless campus-level committees.

Jason Pursian has served in many IT roles at UW since 1998, and currently serves as Co-CIO (interim) in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences where he is engaged in security, infrastructure, and collaborative efforts to reshape and improve IT as a service.