Todd Schwanke


McBurney Disability Resource Center, Division of Student Life

Todd Schwanke

2018 Session

Title: Quick and Practical Web Accessibility Testing for First Impressions

Web sites and applications need to be accessible and usable. Getting quick, practical feedback early and often in the development or acquisition cycle can make the end result much better, and the process much easier for all involved. This session will demonstrate a process of quick and practical testing using the keyboard, visualization tools, a bit of accessibility knowledge, and free screen readers to quickly, but generally, assess how well a site was designed and what might be the experience for users who have disabilities or use assistive technology. This process does not take the place of more thorough testing, end user testing, or compliance checking, yet can provide the IT professional and their team with valuable preliminary info.


Todd Schwanke is the Assistant Director of Adaptive Technology Services at the McBurney Disability Resource Center. He is the Accommodation Specialist for students who are blind or who have low vision, the Adaptive Technology Specialist, and the supervisor of the Center’s Document Conversion Service and the technical aspects of Media Captioning (post-production captioning) and remote CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) Services. Additionally, he works with stakeholders from across campus in the intersections of digital & web accessibility, assistive technology, universal design, information technology, campus accessibility, disability, and usability.