Nick Tincher



2018 Session

Title: TAG! You’re IT! (IT governance)

Co-Presenters: Alan Silver, Lyn Van Swol

A panel discussion involving the chairs of the new campus IT governance groups Divisional Technical Advisory Group Infrastructure Technical Advisory Group Research Technical Advisory Group Teaching and Learning Technical Advisory Group

The chairs will discuss the objectives of each TAG and how they are operating. Join them for a Q&A session to understand the role of IT governance and how it might impact your work, and to share feedback to work toward optimizing efficiency of these groups.


Nick is the Chief Information Officer in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education, and currently serves as the chair of the Research Technology Advisory Group (RTAG) and the Divisional Technology Advisory Group (DTAG). He and his team of technologists and software developers enable innovation at UW-Madison with a focus on research compliance, research administration, and graduate education. He has previously served in technical roles across software development, database architecture, networking, and systems administration at UW-Madison.