For additional information about attending the event, both in-person and virtually, head to Attendee Resources.

For additional information for speakers, including recorded, virtual, and live presentation tips, head to Speaker Resources.

What should I talk about? What type of content should I include?

Some ideas to consider include case studies, best practices, practical advice on getting things done when working in difficult environments, 5-minute flash talks on the solution you found for a particular problem, or almost anything that you can think of that might help another UW-Madison IT Professional to be successful. What might not seem “newsworthy” to you just might be the breakthrough someone else needs!
Look back at the most recent work you‚ have done. What went well? What didn’t go so well? What would you do differently next time? What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

What if I want to watch a live session (or a pre-recorded one) but cannot attend on May 30 or 31?

This will largely depend on the speakers and whether or not they agreed to record their live presentations or have them available after the conference. Any material that is available after the conference would be posted to this conference website.

How can I get my registration paid for by my department?

Many departments have funds set aside for professional development. After registering for in-person attendance on Thursday, you’ll have the option to pay later via funding string or department credit card.

If your department has trouble covering the fee, email us at itproconf@wisc.edu for other support options.

Can I play asteroids right now?

Yes! Type seriesoftubes into the site search.