Presentations – 2018

Keynote: Are we unique? A study in Higher Education IT

Wallace Chase
Presentation slides

What it Means to be an IT Professional at UW-Madison – Continuing the Discussion

Sara Tate-Pederson, Laura Grady, Jason Erdmann, Gary De Clute, Sue Weier, Crague Cook
Presentation Slides

Don’t Panic! Success is a bigger target than you think

Robert Merrill, Shannon Larson, Tamra Dagnon
Presentation slides

Eyes on the Prize – Building & Steering Your Team Towards Project Success

Patrick Hare, Brian Goff, Jeanette School
Presentation slides

A Collaboration Story: Cross-departmental school-wide development project

Jim Thompson, Justin Knupp, Don McDermott
Presentation slides

Leveraging Campus API’s with Vue JS

Al Nemec
Presentation slides

Git 101

Paul Erickson
Session was a live demo – no slides

How to manage your Windows 10 desktop upgrades with System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

Charlie Maurice
Presentation slides

Mountains Back To Molehills: Reducing Complexity & Confusion In Our Systems

Bob Plankers
Presentation slides

Quick and Practical Web Accessibility Testing for First Impressions

Todd Schwanke
Presentation slides

Low-Effort, and effective UX techniques for busy technologists

Jim Helwig, Maria Dahman, Jess Jones
Presentation slides

Partly Cloudy – Design and Development of a Hybrid Cloud System

Brian Hill
Presentation slides

DevOps, Diving, or Death….Choose 2!

Matt Blasinski
Presentation slides

Big Data on Ice

Steve Barnet
Presentation slides

Email Trust Issues? Find out why and what you can do to help.

Jesse Thompson
Presentation slides

What Your Network Looks Like to the Bad Guys

Dave De Coster
Presentation slides

Better external relations with CRM: A Wisconsin School of Business Story

Xiujuan Jane Zhang, Dean McInerney
Presentation slides

Canvas Transition: Successes and Lessons Learned in the College of Engineering

Sara Hagen
Presentation slides

TAG! You’re IT! (IT governance)

Alan Silver, Nick Tincher, Lyn Van Swol
Presentation slides

The IT Project Intake Process – Enabling Collaboration Across Campus

Alan Silver, Steve Devoti, Dawn McCauley, Sabrina Messer
Presentation slides

How to make the UW Theme sing

Kyle Henderson
Presentation slides

The Struggle is Real: Developing WordPress plugins

Daniel Simanek
Presentation slides

Automating Database Changes and Migrations with Liquibase

Matthew Trefilek, Nuwan Kumarasiri
Presentation slides

Continuous Delivery and automation with Jenkins – A Use Case

Nuwan Kumarasiri, Matthew Trefilek
Presentation slides

IT Staff Hiring and Talent Retention at the UW/Public Sector

Daniel Nicolalde, Michelle Craft, Derek Cooper, Paul Kronberger, Vickie Arneson
Session was a discussion panel – no slides

Augmented and Mixed Reality Development with the Microsoft HoloLens

Mark Field, Mike Tessmer, Will Kraus
Presentation slides

Advanced Analytics for Emergency Response

Laura Albert
Presentation slides

Inbox Zero – How to stay on top of an overwhelming email inbox

David M Sibley
Presentation slides

IT Isn’t Wrong #2

Phil Jochimsen
Presentation slides

Communication Tips for New Project Managers

Tim Doyle

Pass the Paper

Robert Merrill

Fast 5 Project Management Tips for Non-project Managers

Tony Johnson

The SIPOC tool: How to create a visual model of a high-level process

Tamra Dagnon
Combined Presentation slides

WordPress Users Community of Practice using the UW-Theme

Rich Gassen
Presentation slides