Dahman, Maria

Maria Dahman

Email: maria.dahman@wisc.edu

Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
User Experience Architect

Maria Dahman

2020 Session

Title: Desirability, Usability and Accessibility: Creating Your Best Website or Service

2019 Session

Title: Using Surveys Well

2018 Session

Title: Low-Effort, and effective UX techniques for busy technologists
Co-Presenters: Jim Helwig, Jess Jones
Discovering evolving user expectations through regular interviews with end-users has helped the MyUW team deliver a web application for thousands of diverse users that receives high user satisfaction ratings. We will discuss performing basic user experience interviews, recruiting participants, setting up a user interview, and asking the right questions.


Maria Dahman joined DoIT in May 2017, coming most recently from Z├╝rich, Switzerland. She lived in Chicago for many years before that, where she worked as a user experience researcher for a startup. She earned a Master’s of Science from DePaul University in Human Computer Interaction and her B.A. focused on Philosophy.