Dagnon, Tamra

Tamra Dagnon

Email: tamra.dagnon@wisc.edu

Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
Project Management Office

2019 Session

SPRINT! Tackle big problems in a week

2018 Sessions

Session 1
Title: Don’t Panic! Success is a bigger target than you think
Co-Presenters: Robert Merrill, Shannon Larson
Someone has handed you a project—actually just an idea and a deadline—and you’re not really a project manager or business analyst. How can you set everyone up for success, without losing your minds in the process? This panel discussion with two BAs and a PM from the CIO’s Office PMO will leave with you some essential concepts and pro tips to help you get from almost zero information to a scope, some high-level requirements, and a realistic budget and schedule that tilt the odds of success
in your favor.
Key Session Takeaways:

  • Success – What is the real problem or opportunity?
  • Scope – Agreeing on what we’re not doing (and doing)
  • Requirements – Understanding and describing possible solution capabilities
  • Estimating – effort, budget, schedule, and what if it won’t fit?

Session 2
Title: The SIPOC tool: How to create a visual model of a high-level process
This flash talk will provide an overview of a simple tool you can use to collaboratively document a high-level business process. The SIPOC is invaluable in aiding project scope discovery and quickly bringing people to a common understanding.


Tamra Dagnon joined the UW–Madison Project Management Office as a Senior IT Business Analyst in
2015, from John Deere Financial in Madison and Des Moines. Beginning in marketing, Tamra changed
careers to IT while with Deere, serving as a Project Manager, Test Lead, and Product Manager before
settling on Business Analysis. Tamra then led project and requirements definition efforts on many
projects, from the very small to extra-large, multi-year implementations. Tamra holds one of the first
500 Certificates of Competency and Business Analysis™ (CCBA®) from the International Institute of
Business Analysis™ (IIBA®).