Tate-Pederson, Sara

Sara Tate-Pederson

Credentials: (She/Her)

Email: sara.tate-pederson@wisc.edu

Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
Office of Cybersecurity
IT Policy Writer & Analyst


Dynamic, visionary, and seasoned IT professional with 25+ years of experience, Sara Tate-Pederson currently serves the university in the role of an IT Policy Writer & Analyst with the Office of Cybersecurity. She also serves as a current co-lead of our campus Women in IT (UW-WIT) Steering Team and co-representative for UW-Madison with the Big Ten Academic Alliance Women in IT (BTAA WIT). She is a long-standing advocate and participant in strategic initiatives that promote collaboration, inclusion, and diversity across campus serving in the past on various groups and committees including, but not limited to; IT Project Intake, the VCFA Engagement, Inclusion and Diversity (EID) Council, the IT Mentoring Program, IT Professionals and IT Professionals Conference. Outside of my service to UW-Madison and the campus IT community She enjoys opportunities to experience the great outdoors and our National Parks, drive fast cars and LEGO with her partner, James.

2022 Sessions

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2021 Sessions

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2018 Session

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