Goff, Brian

Brian Goff

Email: brian.goff@wisc.edu

DoIT Project Management Office

2018 Session

Title: Eyes on the Prize – Building & Steering Your Team Towards Project Success
Co-Presenters: Patrick Hare, Jeanette School
How do I manage relationships, risk, and change? How do I define success? What tools should I use? What methodology best fits my project?
Project managers and business analysts will share strategies for building your team, shaping and communicating risk, and dealing with the “I didn’t see that coming” moment!
Key Session Takeaways:

  • Relationships – building a successful project team
  • Risk – establishing a proper risk management policy and/or framework
  • Change – managing change; recognizing the difference between organizational change management and change within a project
  • Success – what makes a team and project successful?
  • Tools / Methodologies – identifying what works best for you


Brian Goff has worn many hats as an IT professional including IT manager, Server Administrator, Exchange Administrator, tape-backup administrator and a host of other hats over time. While employed as a Senior IT Specialist with the Wisconsin Department of Justice, he noticed that there was something missing from most of his projects. His work teams never had a real sense of what they were doing, why they were doing it and what issue or problem they were trying to solve! Sound familiar? Having had this great awakening, he started to introduce common project management terms and basic strategies to ‘get stuff done’. Little by little, processes became more predictable, efficient and likely to finish in the given timeline and allotted budget. Brian started at the UW as a full time Senior Project Manager in 2011 and joined the Project Management Office in 2014.