Weier, Sue

Sue Weier

Credentials: (She/Her)

Email: scweier@wisc.edu

College of Letters & Sciences (L&S)
Security and Systems Analyst

Sue Weier Headshot


Sue Weier is a Security and Systems Analyst for the College of Letters & Science. She holds a Master’s degree from UW-Madison’s iSchool and a CISSP certification. She has worked in Letters & Science for over 20 years in a variety of IT roles, including Infolab Manager, website designer, instructional technologist, and for the last ten years, security. Sue is a member of the Policy Advisory Group Executive Committee and co-chairs the UW-Mist security advisory group.

2021 Sessions

IT Policy Bootcamp – Live Session
IT Policy – What’s Hot and in the Hopper (Flash Talk)
IT Talks Technical: What & Why Now? – Live Session

2018 Session

What it Means to be an IT Professional at UW-Madison – Continuing the Discussion