De Coster, Dave

Dave De Coster


College of Engineering (CoE)

Dave De Coster

2019 Session

What on Earth is $acronym_of_campus_IT_unit?

2018 Session

Title: What Your Network Looks Like to the Bad Guys

We all know what our network looks like from a local perspective and what it probably looks like from the rest of campus, but how do you know if what you think your network looks like from the outside is actually what it looks like to everyone else?


David De Coster is a Network Security Administrator for the University of Wisconsin Madison. Since 2003, he has overseen network security for the College of Engineering. In this role, he is responsible for network monitoring, incident detection and incident response for the College. He also volunteers for the Shadowserver Foundation where he is involved in scanning the internet and reporting what he finds back to ISPs, enterprises, hosting providers, and other organizations that directly own or control network space.