Job Rotation Program Information Session

Room 313

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Join us to learn about UW–Madison’s Job Rotation Program and discover how you can get involved. This program provides early career professionals with focused career development in finance, human resources and information technology (new in 2023) through meaningful work experiences and exposure to various professional settings and job responsibilities.

Attendees will:

  • Learn about the Job Rotation Program, its structure and the benefits it offers to participants
  • Discover how to get involved with the program by hosting a rotator on your team, partnering with the program on a group project, and hiring program alums for permanent roles
  • Understand the recruitment, hiring and support process for program participant
  • Meet current rotators and hear about their experiences, interests, and career goals
  • Find out how the program positions participants for success in promising new roles at the university after completing the two-year experience


Keynote – Using our voice to create inclusive and accessible technology designs and services

Conference Session

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The Zoom session will be live captioned by the McBurney Disability Resource Center. Link to the captions.


Watch via YouTube

The YouTube live stream button is a go.wisc redirect that will go live no later than 8:30am on June 2nd.

Keynote Description

We, as IT professionals, play a critical role in designing, developing, and supporting the digital campus. We have created and evolved the digital campus over the last forty years, and in 2020 it became the primary mode of interaction for our communities. What can we learn from the rapid pivot to online, and more importantly, how can we evolve our thinking and approaches?

Let’s discuss how we can use our expertise and our voice to create digital spaces where people can thrive. Using ideas from fields such as critical design practices, conflict management, and polarities, we will explore the most effective approaches for providing spaces where multiple voices are empowered, and diverse communities can thrive.

The session will be interactive.

Opening Remarks for the conference will take place from 8:45-9:15am

Keynote Speaker Information

Image from The Harvard Gazette.