Migrating Your Website to Google Analytics 4 – Live Session

Conference Session

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This talk examines the new Google Analytics 4 platform and things to consider when transitioning your site from Universal Analytics to the new platform.

Attendees will learn about the differences between Google Analytics 4 and its predecessor Universal Analytics, what might surprise them in the new platform, and how to make the switch.

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Original Image by Tumisu from Pixabay. Google Analytics logo and text added from Wikipedia Commons.

Lunchtime Communities of Practice (CoPs) Drop-In Session

This session was not recorded.


Are you interested in connecting with like-minded colleagues who are working in similar domains around campus? IT Connects supports many existing, new, and potential Communities of Practice across campus covering several domains of interest. Learn about new and existing CoPs, best practices, building community, and how you can start your own CoP! Representatives from several IT communities of practice will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about their groups including the new DevSecOps CoP, the Carpentries CoP, WordPress CoP, Distributed Developers CoP, Agile CoP, DataWonks, CLAC, UW Design Community, and more!

Want to present your CoP in this session? Contact Amanda Thornton.

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