Welcome & Keynote – Lead Where You Are

Room 313 (Overflow in Room 325/326)

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Welcome 9:00-9:15am – IT Professionals Conference co-chairs Sarah Lien and Elizabeth Kraege-Soechting will provide introductory remarks for the conference.

Keynote 9:15-10:15am – Dr. Joe Sanfelippo, the nationally recognized superintendent of Wisconsin’s Fall Creek School District, will deliver the keynote address at this year’s IT Professionals Conference.

Keynote Description:

I’m just…It’s a phrase we hear all the time. I’m just a sysadmin, I’m just a security analyst, I’m just a instructional designer….the list is long and is often followed by reasons why something CAN’T happen. Leadership is an action and it starts with you. Leading with INTENTION creates purpose. Leading with CONNECTION creates momentum. Leading with DIRECTION creates collective efficacy. Leading with all three in mind will build your capacity and foster an environment where everyone in your organization has the best opportunity to lead from where they are.

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Opening Remarks (9:00-9:15am)

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Keynote – Using our voice to create inclusive and accessible technology designs and services

Conference Session

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The Zoom session will be live captioned by the McBurney Disability Resource Center. Link to the captions.


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The YouTube live stream button is a go.wisc redirect that will go live no later than 8:30am on June 2nd.

Keynote Description

We, as IT professionals, play a critical role in designing, developing, and supporting the digital campus. We have created and evolved the digital campus over the last forty years, and in 2020 it became the primary mode of interaction for our communities. What can we learn from the rapid pivot to online, and more importantly, how can we evolve our thinking and approaches?

Let’s discuss how we can use our expertise and our voice to create digital spaces where people can thrive. Using ideas from fields such as critical design practices, conflict management, and polarities, we will explore the most effective approaches for providing spaces where multiple voices are empowered, and diverse communities can thrive.

The session will be interactive.

Opening Remarks for the conference will take place from 8:45-9:15am

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Leading from Where You Are: An Overview of ITLP Options for FY22 – Live Session

Conference Session


UW-Madison has been partnering with MOR Associates for a number of years to provide the IT Leadership Program for our campus. This session will talk about what being a leader means and why developing leadership skills is critical for our campus. We will also discuss what content and skills you can expect to learn, and cover the three different program options that will be available for FY22.

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“Wait, you work where?”- Lessons and Challenges of “Distributed” IT Product/Project Management – Live Session

Conference Session


Jeff will provide insights and perspectives from his experience leading enterprise IT efforts from a position outside of central IT at the university. He will share examples of the many challenges, some successes, and major lessons he learned by leading IT efforts from “over there” – from the distributed IT context.

Learn about effective strategies for “leading from where you are at” and the key role intentional relationship building, community building, and collaboration play in achieving personal, professional, and mission goals as a distributed IT leader working on enterprise-scale strategy and initiatives that cross-cut organizational boundaries.

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