Fisher, Robin

Robin Fisher


Theatre and Drama Department
Academic Program Specialist

Robin Fisher Headshot


In her non-professional life, Robin Fisher is an avid animal lover who strongly promotes a vegan lifestyle, hoping to end suffering and torture in all of the industries that use animals. She also tinkers with electronics and has built 3 custom computers over the years. She has recently taken up oil painting and music making (learning guitar, bass ukulele, and electronic music). Her chosen profile picture is actually a clipart that she made to use for gaming profiles.

Robin received her BS in Life Sciences Communications from UW-Madison. After graduation, she promptly landed a radio station job, only to have the journalism dream dashed 3 months later, due to the events surrounding 9/11/01. She bounced around the private sector, soaking up knowledge and skills along the way. Four and a half years ago, she joined the administrative team at the Department of Theatre and Drama. She supplements her work by participating in shared governance, advising a service fraternity, and becoming a true “Jill Of All Trades.”

2022 Session

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2020 Session

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