Henkel, Jonathan

Jonathan Henkel

Email: jonathan.henkel@wisc.edu

School of Nursing

2020 Session

Title: IT Communities of Practice – Forum

2018 Session

Title: A No-Code Guide to Automation


With an emphasis on office technology and systems, Jonathan has managed teams through multiple, deadline sensitive tasks under high-pressure stakes to produce results. He has contributed professionally and personally to the success of student services in two complex academic institutions. The range of individuals he has supported is broad, and includes people of diverse races, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and other marginalized groups. He is truly passionate about building programs which support student achievement while advocating for the diversity of their individualized interests as the Student Information and Technology Manager with the School of Nursing Office of Academic Affairs at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Jonathan also faciliates the DataWonks Community of Practice, the PowerApps User Group , and the Microsoft Teams User Group.