Otles, Zekai

Zekai Otles

Credentials: (He/Him)

Email: otles2@wisc.edu

Division of Information Technology - Research Cyberinfrastructure
Research Cyberinfrastructure Consultant


I am a Research Cyberinfrastructure consultant at the Department of Information Technology. One of the main goals of this position is to help the researcher with public cloud technologies at UW-Madison. I am trained as an atmospheric scientist, have researched and analyzed meteorological data (field and model data), and have worked on modeling efforts to understand the hydrological cycle. I spent many years in the private industry (for-profit and non-profit) as a software engineer, building commercial websites and statistical software and managing clinical trial management systems. I was an infrastructure and middleware (managed web application servers and deployed/troubleshot applications) admin for the state government and the university. I designed and maintained infrastructure and supported the applications.

I published articles and presented at conferences and user group meetings. As a volunteer, I reviewed books and live books for Manning.com and helped with the UW data carpentry. I also served as a mentor for academic staff for two years.

Over the past few years, I have contributed to developing the UW-Madison cloud community. This group serves as a platform for researchers and UW-Madison staff to exchange ideas and foster a dynamic learning environment for cloud computing and operations. I am also a member of the Machine Learning community organized by the UW-Madison Data Carpentry group, following my passion for collaborative learning and innovation.

2024 Sessions

Using large language models in meteorological fact-finding

Building cloud community at UW–Madison