Snyder, Pam

Pam Snyder

Credentials: (She/Her)


Division of Information Technology
Cloud Security Risk Analyst


Pam Snyder has 10 years of cyber security experience in the private and public sector and has obtained the CCSK certification.  Her degree in network security led to a role in security engineering with a focus in cloud, on premise, and email security where she could leverage her skills in incident response, multiple security applications, and forensics.

As a Cybersecurity Risk Analyst that specializes in the public cloud, she engages with users to help mature their cloud security posture while they leverage the agile and powerful nature of the cloud.  Pam played a key role in the research, design and implementation of public cloud assessment processes currently used at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  

Pam tenaciously chases new technologies and security knowledge of the public cloud to satisfy her drive for continuing education and curiosity. She believes that meeting project owners and learning about their objectives and accomplishments is the highlight of her work.

2024 Session

Enhancing cloud security: From basics to advanced strategies