Telling Your IT Story to Non-IT Audiences

Presented by: Kyle Henderson

Cultivating a culture of innovation and change in higher education often entails strategies and solutions with deeply technical aspects. Garnering support for and adoption of those strategies among diverse groups of stakeholders requires that they understand enough about the technical aspects to feel assured that all is well planned, that all is under control, that the plan is going to work. How do higher education IT leaders do that? By telling an IT story.

Following the principles of Walter Fisher’s narrative paradigm, “Telling Your IT Story to Non-IT Audiences” proposes that people think, reason and value in narrative structure—and that applying narrative structure to communications about even highly technical and complex initiatives facilitates the broad understanding innovation and change strategies depend on.

Attendees will learn a method for communicating about complex IT projects that works effectively in every context, every channel: from elevator speech to executive presentation, from web page and email to printed poster.