Development and Cybersecurity – Parts of the Same Team

Presented by: Julie V. Johnson

To promote understanding and teamwork between security specialists and software developers, I will discuss vulnerabilities from both perspectives. Slides will show what vulnerabilities look like in code, and I will step through it so that people in other specialties can understand. Then I will overview the process of patch management, so developers can see that repairing a security bug is not finished when the patch in written and tested. Reducing the number of security flaws in software is important. and security coding practices should be included in all intermediate and advanced programming classes, and in any development training. Yet security specialists also need to understand how patches work, to limit problems with updating and patch management. The propose is to promote understanding and teamwork, so the ideal conclusion is a discussion period when developers and security specialists answer questions from one another. If virtual, this will be more difficult, but I will still encourage guests to participate fully, rather than answering every question as a presenter.

Viewers should understand one another and be better equipped to work together. Reducing the number of security flaws is important, but so is effective updating and patch management.

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