Collins, Michael

Michael Collins

Credentials: (He/Him)


School of Medicine and Public Health
Senior Director of Research Computing


Mike Collins is the Senior Director of Research Computing at the School of Medicine and Public Health. His teams support several School and Campus-wide applications for clinical trial management, a secure data enclave in Azure, called Platform X, and are developing a High-Performance Computing Cluster for use with restricted data. He has over 12 years of experience architecting cloud solutions in AWS, GCP and Azure. As a former software engineer, he developed several enterprise applications, including for two startups. As an advocate for automation and repeatability he promotes the use of DevOps Engineering best practices and use of CICD pipelines. He’s also had the responsibility of creating and maintaining a FISMA moderate as well as several HIPAA compliant environments.

2024 Session

Platform X: How SMPH implemented a secure data enclave