Regmi, Parwat

Parwat Regmi

Credentials: (He/Him)


Office of Human Resources
Cultural Linguistics Services
Nepali<>English Interpreter, Translator
Workplace Computer Trainer


Parwat Regmi (pronouns: he/him/his) is a Nepali<>English Interpreter, Translator and a Workplace Computer Trainer at Cultural Linguistic Services (CLS) within the Office of Human Resources. Parwat started his role in January 2020 and works with departments across campus to provide language interpretation and translation services for Nepali-speaking employees, associated human resources representatives, and unit staff. In tandem, Parwat also works to provide customized computer training for employees to help build their digital skills and confidently navigate technology in their workplace and in their personal lives. Beyond work, Parwat can be found on his two wheelers exploring bicycle trails and rustic roads around Wisconsin.

2023 Session

There’s an Innovator in Everyone (a panel perspective)