Henderson, Jesse

Jesse Henderson

Credentials: (She/Her)

Email: jesse.henderson@wisc.edu

Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
User Services Portfolio Manager

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Jesse Henderson has been with UW-Madison for almost 10 years. She was the project and production manager within the UW Digital Collections Center, UW-Madison Libraries for 8.5 years before moving to DoIT in May of 2022 where she now serves as the User Services Portfolio Manager. Prior to her time here she was the Visual Resources Curator at Colgate University.

She has a background in library and information science with 16 years of managing digital collections productions operations, with focused experience in building and enhancing digital collections operational workflows and leading production teams. She also has experience in project and portfolio management of digital library and IT projects.

As a side gig, Jesse has indexed four academic publications using QDA (qualitative data analysis) software. Building on that experience, she began using the software to assist in her search and screen application review process while serving on search and screen committees at UW-Madison.

2023 Session

Techniques and Tools to check your bias in Search-And-Screen Processes