Joyner, Kedar

Kedar Joyner

Credentials: (She/Her)

Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
Web Platforms & Services

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Kedar Joyner is a UX/UI designer with a knack for programming at the University of Wisconsin—Madison and a passion for mental health awareness, silly doodles, and wearing pajamas. She helps design and develop software that helps drive the university’s missions of teaching, research, and outreach, and likes to live somewhere in the middle of where science and art connect with people. Most recently, Kedar was a contributing designer for the national Covid Tracking Project with The Atlantic, and draws a comic series called Anxiety Ghost and other mediocre doodles.

2021 Session

An Anxious Person’s Guide to Navigating the Tech Industry

2019 Session

Why do we need an IT design system?