McInerney, Dean

Dean McInerney


Wisconsin School of Business

Dean McInerney

2018 Session

Title: Better external relations with CRM: A Wisconsin School of Business Story
Co-Presenter: Xiujuan Zhang
At the Wisconsin School of Business (WSB), we see the immense value in building relationships with external partners because it is vital to our student placement as well as talent recruitment. We have set up a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system specifically for tracking our relationship building activities. However, getting people to adopt the system is a constant uphill battle due to several reasons: change is hard, I track my contacts with email or excel file, I need to protect my leads, etc. We needed to be innovative and inspiring for a WSB-wide system adoption.
In this presentation, we will tell stories about our project governance structure and innovative processes, how we follow them closely to engage with stakeholders for their success. As of today, 8 of our BBA/MBA centers have nearly 500 advisory board members in CRM, ready to track their relationships! To carry this momentum, we expanded our learning sessions to a broader audience including students for CRM skills and best practices. With this solid user community in place, we will continue to leverage IT to transform WSB into a data-driven decision-making organization.
Our presentation has three parts: 1) introducing our business problem, 2) explaining our governance structure/process, 3) illustrating how our CRM system tracks external engagements.


Dean is the LRM adoption specialist for WSB. He works with partners in the school to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and tools to effectively use the CRM platform. Dean previously worked as a student technician for ITS within WSB, graduating with degrees in marketing and information systems in May of 2017 before being hired to a full-time position within the office.