Monette, Allen

Allen Monette

Credentials: (He/Him)


Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
Office of Cybersecurity
Associate Director for Cybersecurity Operations

Allen Monette Headshot


Allen Monette leads the Monitoring & Incident Response team in the Office of Cybersecurity. He started working in IT at UW-Madison in 1998, joined the information security team in 2007 when it was called the Office of Campus Information Security and has stayed on while the team split, merged, and got renamed several times. Allen is the proud owner of a Bachelor’s degree in History and Philosophy of Science and Technology from Case Western Reserve University that has proved surprisingly relevant to cybersecurity incident response work. He holds a CISSP, a GCFA, and several other 4-letter certifications starting with ‘G’. He lives with his wife, the fantasy author Katherine Addison, and three cats in a book-filled American Foursquare built in 1906.

2023 Session

How to Avoid the Riptides, Staying Safe Online

2022 Session

DON’T PANIC: A Guide to Cybersecurity Incident Response and Investigation