Naraine, Dharvesh

Dharvesh Naraine

Credentials: (He/Him)


Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
Cybersecurity Risk Management and Compliance
HIPAA Security Officer and HIPAA Team Lead

Dharvesh Naraine Headshot


Dharvesh Naraine serves as the University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus HIPAA Security Officer and the Office of Cybersecurity HIPAA Team Lead for the Office of Cybersecurity Risk Management, and Compliance department. His current responsibilities include coordinating with the Campus HIPAA Security Coordinators and the Campus HIPAA Privacy Officer on campus in order to ensure the campus partners handling, managing and storing ePHI are doing their due diligence to protect patient information according to HIPAA Regulations. Also, as a part of his role, he leads a team to ensure Campus HIPAA Risk Assessments are being completed by departments that are within the Healthcare Component and Non-Healthcare Component. Prior to this role, he worked as a Senior IT Security Analyst in the Governance, Risk, and Compliance department at a global private organization that dealt with meeting security requirements and regulations. Some of these requirements were needed to meet Department of Defense (Dod) standards. He has worked on IT risk assessments, security investigations, and IT policies and procedures documentation. He holds a Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification and a Certified Ethical Hacker certification. He has earned a Bachelor’s degree from Southern Illinois University in Computer Science with a specialization in Network Security.

2022 Session

Cybersecurity Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC) – What is it, and Why should I care?