Richardson, Beth

Beth Richardson

Credentials: (She/Her)


Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
Application Infrastructure Services (AIS)
Web Platform Services (WPS)
Software Engineer/Developer; Product Owner, CIAM/Profile Application

Beth Richardson Headshot


Beth Richardson is a Software Engineer/Developer within the Web Platforms/Services team within DoIT, joining in 2019. Prior to her role at DoIT, she worked on campus as a front-end web developer at the Wisconsin School of Business from 2014 to 2019. She has over 15 years’ experience in web design and development, in both the private and public sectors.

Beth is passionate about creating accessible, user-focused digital experiences. Previous projects have included implementing design systems and interface pattern libraries that improve consistency across user experiences and help improve maintainability of projects, as well as templates within digital platforms such as Sitecore CMS and Salesforce.

In her current role, she is the product owner and technical lead on the UW-Madison Profile application, a project of the Interoperability Transformation Initiative. UW‍–‍Madison Profile offers students, faculty, staff, advisors and instructors a new platform to view, assert, and manage visibility of their personal information, contact information, and demographic data at UW‍–‍Madison.

2023 Session

UW–Madison Profile: Building upon Salesforce Experience Cloud to Improve User Experiences