Ratkowski, Tyler

Tyler Ratkowski

Credentials: (He/Him)

Email: tyler.ratkowski@wisc.edu

Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
Manager of Identity and Access Management

Tyler Ratkowski Headshot


Tyler Ratkowski serves as the Manager of Identity and Access Management within the Division of Information Technology (DoIT). So what exactly does that mean? Tyler works with engineers on UW-Madison’s central person repository, role/attribute-based access control, and the team focused on the new UW-Madison Profile experience leveraging Salesforce experience cloud (a service which offers students, faculty, staff, advisors and instructors a new platform to view, assert, and manage visibility of their personal information, contact information, and demographic data at UW‍–‍Madison).

Before coming to UW-Madison, Tyler served as the Manager for Campus Card Services at Northwestern University. Within this role, Tyler served as an institutional steward of identity data leading the campus’s physical identity presence spanning multiple campuses (domestic and international).

2023 Session

UW–Madison Profile: Building upon Salesforce Experience Cloud to Improve User Experiences