Silver, Alan

Alan Silver


Chemistry Department

2019 Sessions

Session 1: Building an IT Community
Session 2: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: IT lessons learned from building-wide disasters

2018 Sessions

Session 1
Title: TAG! You’re IT! (IT governance)
Co-Presenters: Nick Tincher, Lyn Van Swol
A panel discussion involving the chairs of the new campus IT governance groups Divisional Technical Advisory Group Infrastructure Technical Advisory Group Research Technical Advisory Group Teaching and Learning Technical Advisory Group
The chairs will discuss the objectives of each TAG and how they are operating. Join them for a Q&A session to understand the role of IT governance and how it might impact your work, and to share feedback to work toward optimizing efficiency of these groups.

Session 2:
Title: The IT Project Intake Process – Enabling Collaboration Across Campus
Co-Presenters: Steve Devoti, Dawn McCauley, Sabrina Messer
This session will with start with a brief overview of the process that was rolled out last October and share statistics to show how the process is working.
We will also go into more detail about what actually happens when a project is submitted and what interesting things have been learned by having projects reviewed by others.
We will describe some of the projects that have been successes, how we were able to match up people with software and vice versa and how it helped with creating some broader discussions of solutions.


Alan Silver is an IT professional in the department of chemistry. He currently serves as the chair for the Infrastructure Technical Advisory Group (ITAG). He has also been an IT professional on campus at Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) and the department of biostatistics. He has developed a broad scope of IT skills and is focused on creating a collaborative IT focus across campus colleagues.