Szamotula, Wesley

Wesley Szamotula

Credentials: (He/Him)


Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
Software Engineer

Wesley Szamotula Headshot


Wesley Szamotula joined UW-Madison in 2017 as an Associate System Programmer for the Division of Information Technology. Over the next 6 years his career progressed to become a Software Engineer IV. Prior to that, he worked at Epic in the Technical Services role while getting a master’s in computer science part time at UW-Madison.

He currently works on the Person API, and institutional API for accessing data about people at UW-Madison. He prides himself in developing a high-quality API that is blazing fast, highly available, and extremely reliable. He is working on expanding access to this API to UW System and expanding the data to cover additional HR workflows.

2023 Session

Testing, Linting, and Automation in APIs