Taulbee, Vanessa (Ness)

Vanessa (Ness) Taulbee

Credentials: (They/Them)

Email: vanessa.taulbee@wisc.edu

Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
Web Platform Services Manager

Vanessa Taulbee Headshot


Vanessa Taulbee (Ness) joined UW-Madison in October 2014. Ness currently is a Web Platform Services Manager in the Division of Information Technology. Previously, Ness was a front-end web developer and web team lead at the Wisconsin School of Business for 6 years and owned their own consulting business for over 10 years. They mentor and coach staff, encouraging their professional development and growth, nurturing operational leadership, and building relationships. Additionally, Ness contributes to the IT Community by serving in various leadership roles. Including serving on the Academic Staff Mentoring Committee (Chair), Partners in Giving Marketing Committee, and DoIT EDIC (co-chair).

2023 Session

Gap to the Future: Conducting a Gap Analysis to Identify Team Specific DEIB Strategies