Arnold, Kimberly (Kim)

Kimberly (Kim) Arnold

Credentials: (She/Her)


Learning Analytics Center of Excellence
Founding Director

Kimberly Arnold Headshot


Dr. Kimberly Arnold (she/her) is the founding Director of the Learning Analytics Center of Excellence at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Her work in the learning analytics field over the past eighteen years has established her as one of the leaders in the advancement of the field. An evangelist for data empowered educational practices, she provides leadership on systemic thinking around organizational capacity and cultural change processes required for transformative, student-centric data initiatives. She is a fierce advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion and grounds her work on ethical principles of data use to support learners holistically. Her research interests include academic/learning analytics, data mining, evaluation of educational impact of technology, and assessment of learning outcomes.

2023 Session

Gap to the Future: Conducting a Gap Analysis to Identify Team Specific DEIB Strategies