Tishler, William

William Tishler

Credentials: (He/Him)

Email: wptishler@wisc.edu

Division of Continuing Studies (DCS)
Senior Instructional Media Producer

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William Tishler is a Senior Instructional Media Producer at the Division of Continuing Studies with over 25 years of experience developing distance education courses that use video as the primary medium for content delivery. He is a UW-Madison alum with a master’s degree in Liberal Studies from Dartmouth College. At the start of the pandemic in 2020, he worked with DoIT to setup a hybrid video conferencing solution in a studio on campus to connect in-person instructors with remote interviewers and production staff so those speaking on camera could be recorded safely without wearing masks. He continues to assist with helping to roll out the hybrid video conferencing technology in meeting rooms across the UW campus.

2022 Session

New Hybrid Meeting Rooms to Connect Remote Workers and Guests to the UW-Madison Campus