Rich Gassen


Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
Printing Production Manager

2019 Session

WordPress Users Community of Practice

2018 Session

Title: WordPress Users Community of Practice using the UW-Theme

In January, customers of the WiscWeb service formed a community of practice for WordPress users utilizing the UW-Theme to collaborate, share ideas and struggles, and critique each other’s work for a more positive experience for all.

This group meets monthly somewhere on campus and has a shared drive for information sharing. This effort is not in competition with the WiscWeb team and their training and tech support; it is hopefully a complement to their services, helping to educate designers with best practices and current features of the UW-Theme in WordPress. You do not need to be in WiscWeb to participate; anyone using WordPress and the UW-Theme is welcome to join us.


Rich Gassen is the Printing Production Manager @ DoIT’s Digital Publishing and Printing Services. He is also the chair of Campus Supervisors Network, a CoP for managers on campus to network and train to help them excel in their roles as leaders. Part of Rich’s contributions to CSN is to maintain a web presence using the WiscWeb WordPress service through DoIT. He has 30 years of experience in graphic design, photography, and web design, which allows him to create effectively for communicating the CSN’s message in print and on the web.