Phil Jochimsen


Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
Enterprise Internet Services (EIS)
Application Infrastructure Services (AIS)

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2020 Sessions

Session 1: Intro to Terraform and Infrastructure As Code

Session 2: AWS Logs/Metrics/Alarms Oh My! (Flash Talk)

2019 Sessions

Session 1: How to WP SES in AWS to win at DMARC

Session 2: Value Chain Mapping: Visually Planning System Improvements

2018 Sessions

Session 1
Title: IT Isn’t Wrong #2

A take off of Jeff Ballard’s talk last year explaining some of the political issues that arise when incentives for executing IT across campus vary.

Additional perspective from within DoIT service team structures, the influence of UW-System and cross-campus IT collaborations are covered as well.

Session 2
Title: Up your Game: Leveraging Models and Concepts to Increase your Effectiveness (15 mins)

Dunning-Kruger, Cone of Uncertainty, Crucial Conversations, Theory of Constraints, Lead/Lag Measures, Lean Six Sigma, Anti-Patterns, 3D Negotiating, Scrum (not just for software): All of these are models or concepts that are incredibly useful to powerfully capture the realities of a situation, and provide guidance on how to increase your effectiveness in that situation. We will go through several quick examples of each and how to use them.


Phil Jochimsen has worked at the University for the past 13 years in various capacities dealing with web servers and web technologies. He has a passion for software testing, and loves the challenge of continually asking better questions.