Sibley, David

David Sibley



David Sibley

2018 Session

Title: Inbox Zero – How to stay on top of an overwhelming email inbox
“I don’t get enough email” — No one, never.
In today’s paperless world, we rely on email for nearly all of our communication. Constantly sorting through an ever-growing stack of emails can be overwhelming. No matter how organized you are in other aspects of your life, email typically just sits where it arrived until some unknown future date when you realize you just don’t need it any more. Instead of giving up and just letting the pile grow and grow, we can use real world strategies for de-cluttering our existing inbox. Once we’ve overcome the initial hurdle, we can structure our inbox to incentivize frequent incremental filing in the future. Whether you receive one email a day or one thousand, you’ll be able to confidently stay on top of your inbox.


Dave Sibley joined DoIT Enterprise Internet Services in 2017, returning to his alma mater after seven years as a Web Application Developer with the US Geological Survey. His organizing skills have been honed over many years of trial and error. These skills were tested his first day on the job, when he found he had accrued seven years of emails in his absence.