Sara Tate-Pederson


Administrative Information Management Services (AIMS)

2019 Session

What on Earth is $acronym_of_campus_IT_unit?

2018 Session

Title: What it Means to be an IT Professional at UW-Madison – Continuing the Discussion

Co-Presenters: Laura Grady, Jason Erdmann, Gary De Clute, Sue Weier, Crague Cook

Take an active role in shaping what it means to be an IT Professional here at UW-Madison. Participate in this small group report out and interactive session led by the UW IT Professionals steering team. We will be revisiting and brainstorming actionable items from our Guidelines, Best Practices and Advice for IT Professionals living document. This document was created in part from feedback gathered at the “What it Means to be an IT Professional at UW-Madison” held at the November 2016 IT Policy Forum.


Dynamic and seasoned IT professional with 20+ years of experience, my primary role with UW-Madison is the Customer Engagement & Learning Services (CELS) Supervisor for Administrative Information Management Services (AIMS). I am a passionate advocate for continuous professional development and actively pursue leadership opportunities that allow me to promote a culture of collaboration. Serving one of the current co-leads for the UW IT Professionals, sponsored by the Office of the CIO as part of the UW IT Connects initiative, I am fully vested in our charge to build a stronger, more connected, campus IT community. Aside from these roles, I am currently completing the MOR IT Leaders Program as part of the 2018 UW System cohort, serving on the planning team for IT Professionals Conference, am a member of the UW Women in IT steering team and serve as the AIMS representative on the VCFA Engagement, Inclusion and Diversity (E.I.D.) Administrative Council. Outside of my service to the University, I enjoy LEGO-ing with my husband James and zipping around in Scarlett, my red GTI.