The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: IT lessons learned from building-wide disasters

Presented by: Pete Sengstock & Alan Silver
Room: Plenary Room (1310)
Time: 3:35-4:00 PM
After the polar vortex swept through the region, several campus buildings suffered water leaks from frozen pipes, but damage to the Chemistry Building and Vilas Hall was catastrophic. The flooding left both buildings inaccessible to non-essential personnel and classes for several days, and displaced many faculty, staff and students for weeks. We will briefly go over some of the damage and the campus response, but mostly focus on some of the issues that departmental IT faced, the failures and hindsight, the good planning and workarounds, and the unexpected silver linings.
We hope that attendees can learn from our mistakes and successes, as well as hear about some of the various support avenues we discovered while working through these disasters.