Erdmann, Jason

Jason Erdmann

Credentials: (He/Him)

School of Education (SoE)
Media, Education Resources, and Information Technology (MERIT)


Jason Erdmann is a UW-Madison alumni who has been working as an IT Consultant for the School of Education since 2000. In his current role for the School of Education he works with departments and users on IT projects, hardware and software support, networking, and security. He is also active on the campus level as co-chair of Leadership Improvisation, co-chair of the Policy Planning and Analysis Communications committee, and member of the IT Professionals group. Outside of work you will find Jason spending time with his family and doing work for the National Ski Patrol as both a volunteer patroller and Outdoor Emergency Care instructor.

2021 Session

IT Policy Bootcamp – Live Session
IT Talks Technical: What & Why Now?

2019 Session

What on Earth is $acronym_of_campus_IT_unit?

2018 Session

What it Means to be an IT Professional at UW-Madison – Continuing the Discussion