Winger, Scott

Scott Winger

Credentials: (He/Him)


Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
Technical Services
Computing Analyst

Scott Winger Headshot


Scott Winger has been an IT technologist at UW-Madison since the summer of 1987.

In that time he’s been a Windows System Admin, a Network Admin, a Database Admin, and a Firewall Admin.

These days, he’s mostly engaged in the aspects of IT that he’s most passionate about: being a Help Desk Analyst who’s directly involved solving the tech problems our campus netizens face every day.

For eight years Scott also engaged another of his passions by teaching the official curriculums for Cisco, Microsoft, and VMware in evening classes at Madison College. Says he, “If you’re an experienced IT tech who can inspire hope in adult learners, consider teaching evening IT classes at Madison College: You’ll never regret it.”

Lastly, Scott’s passion for providing best-in-class IT outcomes is perhaps best expressed via his mantra for his customers: “If your computer’s not a joy to use, my job’s not done.”

2023 Session

There’s an Innovator in Everyone (a panel perspective)