CommunITea Presents Campus IT Organizations Drop-In Session

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This weekly event, put on by IT Connects, brings together IT professionals across campus for relaxed socializing and spontaneous discussion. Previous spontaneous discussion topics have included home wifi setups, audio equipment, home brewing, mixology, travel recommendations, color vision variations, jupyter notebooks, remote working, hanging out at the South Pole, and, of course, pets!

This special CommunITea event brings together various campus IT organizations for attendees of the IT Professionals Conference to learn more about how to get involved in the IT community. This session will consist of breakout rooms for each organization. Attendees can jump between rooms and will be prompted by organizers to move around during the event.

In the spirit of community building – bring a friend, encourage others to attend, and forward this open invitation to those you feel might benefit from attending and contributing. These virtual events usually take place each Thursday afternoon (3:30pm), and are held using Zoom so we can utilize the breakout rooms for specific or open discussion topics. If you have any ideas for collaborations, breakout rooms, or other feedback please send them on.

CommunITea events are a relaxed atmosphere, and it’s not necessary to RSVP, connect to the session and join in the conversation. Also, a camera is not necessary to participate and listen in – these are introvert-friendly groups.

If you are interested in helping make these events happen for the future or have discussion ideas or other feedback, please email

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