Exposing Impostor Syndrome: Answering the 5 Ws about Impostor Syndrome

Presented by: Matt Blasinski & Amanda Thornton
Room: Plenary Room (1310)
Time: 2:15-3:00 PM
Do you ever feel that despite your hard work, knowledge, and experience you aren’t adequate for the work you do? Like everything is a house of cards ready to fall and the clock is ticking before you’re exposed as a fraud? The good news is – you’re not alone! The better news is – it’s probably just impostor syndrome! Impostor syndrome is the feeling you’re not qualified even though you are. It affects the majority of people who work in technology, yet it often goes unnoticed or unresolved. In this simple down-to-earth session, we’ll talk about what impostor syndrome is, identifying it, and what you can do about it so that you can feel confident that you’ll be able to contribute and achieve success for your hard work and valuable skills!
This a simple, friendly overview about impostor syndrome, not an in-depth technical discussion. It is given by a technology professional so that other technology professionals can understand and benefit from it. The talk uses the “5 Ws” to guide a discussion about impostor syndrome. We’ll talk about WHAT it is, giving examples of WHO, WHEN, and WHERE it occurs. We’ll discuss WHY it’s a problem. Finally, and most importantly, we’ll look at HOW to address it. The talk should help people get past worrying that their skills are inadequate or they aren’t capable and help inspire people to be confident and successful at their work.