Continuous Integration: Experience with CI quality tools and GitLab (and a demo of Sonarqube)

Presented by: David Parter
Room: Nicholas Hall (2080)
Time: 1:40-2:00 PM
Automating tasks to be done on every commit increases the quality of your project by executing the same tasks on every commit. No steps are ever skipped. By using the CI hooks in GitLab to run unit tests and general code quality and security tests, the overall quality of the project improves, without painful work after development is done. We will describe our configuration, the tools we use, and show some examples of the what the tools found.
Sonarqube is a tool for “continuous code quality” for more than 25 programming languages, and is one of the main tools that we use.
The audience will be shown how to automate and use free tools to make your process and project better.