Flash Talk Session – Part 2

Room: Morgridge Auditorium (1100)

Flash Talk #5 – WordPress Users Community of Practice 
Presented by: Rich Gassen
Time: 11:40-11:45 AM
Seeing a need for collaboration and information sharing, a small group of campus web designers started a community of practice for WordPress users in January of 2018 around the idea of utilizing the UW Theme. Since then, this community has met monthly, sharing information about WordPress and showing the sites we are building and maintaining, as well as having discussions online as issues arise to crowdsource solutions. Join Rich Gassen for a quick overview of this group and the benefits of getting involved in it.
The key takeaway is to learn that this community exists and it will help you as a WordPress user be better in your role and enhance your experience in designing sites.

Flash Talk #6 – Understanding the IT Project Pipeline and Services
Presented by: Troy Dreyer
Time: 11:45-12:00 PM
The UW-Madison IT Project Intake Process (IPIP) exists to review and provide guidance for upcoming IT projects. It collects data about projects and helps us understand where resources are focused on developing or expanding services.
This process provide a lot of information about the evolving IT ecosystem on campus. Awareness of this information fosters collaboration and responsible resource utilization.
Audience members should leave with:

  • Awareness of the campus IT Project Intake Process (IPIP), its purpose, and where to find more information.
  • High-level understanding of the IPIP metrics collected and what they show about our campus IT projects.
  • Insight into recent IPIP changes, based on stakeholder feedback, that make it more valuable.