Two DMARC Presentations

Room: Nicholas Hall (2080)

Talk #1 – DMARC Pushing the Envelope

Presented by: Jesse Thompson

Time: 10:15-10:35 AM


The migration for Office 365 is complete and DMARC is underway for Jesse will talk about the future of email at UW-Madison and the world.

Attendees will have the following questions answered: How will DMARC be offered as a service for subdomains? What will SMTP Relay evolve into? How can cloud & vendor email services be leveraged? What are the latest evolving email standards, and what problems are they going to solve?

Talk #2 – How to WP SES in AWS to win at DMARC

Presented by: Phil Jochimsen

Time: 10:40-11:00 AM


You can’t send email with WordPress in AWS without all of the pieces necessary to be DMARC compliant. Attend this short session to see how combining DNS entries and the WP SES plugin with WordPress can be used to send emails from WordPress.

Attendees will learn how to get WordPress to send emails from AWS.