Map it! – Using Google Data Studio to Build an Interactive Map – Live Workshop

Conference Session


In this hands-on session, attendees will build a filterable point map and text table using the free and user-friendly software, Google Data Studio. No geocoding or mapping experience is required! Attendees will learn the benefits and limitations of using Google Data Studio as a mapping tool.

Participants will need access to a computer and their Google account. Cleaned data will be provided to registrants prior to the session. A basic understanding of connecting a Google Data Studio report to a Google Sheet datasource and of Google Data Studio tools, functions, layout options and sharing options is recommended.

Prepare Before the Session!

Thanks for your interest in the Map It! Session at the 2021 IT Professionals Conference. To get the most out of our time together, you might want to do a little bit of prep work before our live session so you don’t fall behind from the beginning of the demo. There are two things we need you to do:

  1. Make a copy of the data. We’re using a Google Sheet of Dane County Licensed and Certified Daycares. You should be logged in to the same account you want to use for the session (we suggest your account), and then create a copy of the Google sheet.
  2. Sign in to Google Data Studio. You don’t need to do anything else in Google Data Studio other than logging in. But the first time you log in, you’ll need to go through several steps. Completing these ahead of time will streamline the session.

If you need help, please watch the set-up video or reach out to

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